Triple Threat for Triple Tail

The weather was right so we decided to pull together a crew and head to the rigs in search of tuna.  We put out the word but could not scratch together a four man crew so it was just me, Allen and Stephen.  We figured if the US Women’s Gymnastics Team could pick their own name (“The Final Five”) we could, too.  So we dub this crew, Team Triple Threat.

We consulted FishTrac and Roffers and it was clear that blue water was far away so we settled in for a long run.  When we did find rigs in blue water there just did not seem to be a lot of activity, so we kept moving.  We ended up way southwest with Tuna busting the surface in nasty green water.  We chunked, we live baited, we trolled, but the bite was slow and completely died overnight despite the full moon.  We only had one decent bite and the fish came unhooked before we got it to the boat.  We were in good company with several other boats seeming to have much the same experience.

We tried some other rigs and found another in green water with a decent bite going on.  Saw a couple of other boats hooking up on live baits, but our live bait had not held up.  Lots of dead ones and just a few left to try. Bridled up the biggest hard tail in the live well and boom, we were on.  Let him eat it and take line for perhaps 30-45 seconds and then brought the line tight.  Fought the fish for a couple minutes and then it came unbuttoned.  When we reeled the line back in we found the hard tail was still on the hook and you could see it had been bitten and held on to, but never swallowed.   I guess next time I need to let the fish eat it even longer.

We were out of live bait and strangely the fish were completely ignoring our nice fresh chunk.  We had caught some blackfin, skippies, and small yellowfin, but it was just not our day for Tuna.  A bit frustrated we decided to start back toward home in hopes of finding a good rip to fish on the way.

On the way out we had run across a  debris line from the Mississippi in lovely river water.

3 Tail Habitat

We had worked some schools of tuna nearby picking up some blackfin, skippies, bonita etc… but nothing exciting enough to hold our attention. There was a huge shark lurking among them and it was tempting to try to hook it up, but it was not a Mako and the idea of fighting it for a couple hours was not something we wanted to embrace.

Checking the debris line we found it was loaded up with triple tail.  That is when Team Triple Threat let its colors shine.  Using highly unconventional tactics we set about selecting a few of these fish for the ice box.  Allen struck first putting a nice one in the box.

Allen 3Tail2

This was a nice specimen that was literally hand fed the jig.

I jumped in and found a second volunteer.

Me and Allen with Tripple Tail Thumbs up

But Stephen did not feel we were being adequately selective so he went moose hunting and dipped this one out of the fish tank.

Stephen with Moose 3Tail Close

I am astounded that triple tail are not extinct.  I do believe they are the most docile, least spooky, most incredibly willing to die species on the planet.

On the way home we found a bit of a rip and light weed line and pulled some small tuna off it, but never found what we were looking for.  What amazes me about this trip is that despite a really long run and failure to catch the target species, we just had a great time.  Those triple tail were a blast, the weather was great, company superb and it was just awesome to be on the water.  Beats work any day!

One last shot of Team Triple Threat back at the dock.

All 3 3Tail

The payoff was pan fried triple tail dinner.

3Tail Dinner

Straight forward preparation.  Dipped in flour, salt and pepper and seared in a cast iron skillet with olive oil and butter.  A great salad and tomatoes caprese for accompaniment along with your beverage of choice.

Next time, we will get those tuna!  Until then, catch em up.


Exumas 2016 — It’s not always a fishing trip

Had a great opportunity to meet up with some old friends on their boat in the Exumas.  I have been to the Bahamas, but this as a first to visit the Exumas chain of islands and they did not disappoint.  If you have ever been to Great Bahama or many of the other islands you may have an impression like I did of low lying flat islands.  A lot like flat Florida and its barrier islands.  The Exumas chain, though, is rocky with some pretty good elevation.  Not mountains, but a comfortable geography with rocky islands where you can get a view of the beautiful scenery.


I flew out on a Cessna from  Ft. Lauderdale and had a quick stop in the Berry Islands to clear customs and immigration.


The airport at Great Harbour isn’t exactly O’Hare.



From there it was on to Staniel Cay to meet my buddies.




The guys picked me up and we headed out to the boat.  It was great staying anchored out each night and just moving around each day to see some different places, snorkel, swim, and enjoy the incredible white sand beaches.


Snorkeling in Thunderball Grotto (famous from James Bond and Splash movies) was a blast.



Feeding the pigs that live on Pig Beach (They were clearly delighted):


Snorkeling with a grey angel.


A little hike near Bell Rock.  Views were great.


This is Rachel’s Bubble Bath.  Waves come over the rocks into this pool and create a flood of bubbles like in a hot tub.



Cocktails as we enjoyed the sunset from the bridge of the boat.  This shot was taken just a second or two before the green flash.  I had never seen the green flash before, but boldly predicted we would all see it this day, and we did!  Even a broken clock is right twice a day 🙂


We also checked out some of the local residences.  This in Johnny Depp’s house on his own private island.  He needs to fight for this in the divorce!


Johnny’s place is way understated compared to some neighbors like The Aga Khan with his massive island estate (I think he spent about $100 million on it) and this little compound:


Three full size windmills, a solar field, the main house, five guest houses, multiple private beaches and pools, a private marina, golf course and tennis court and, of course, a float plane and hanger.  Who could do without that?



Unfortunately, I did not get an invitation to move to that island so I reluctantly packed my bags and headed home to our own little slice of paradise.


As a thank you for my buddies I got them custom powder coated Yeti Ramblers from Precision Powder Coating near Dallas, TX.  I don’t usually like to deal with people from Dallas since I am a die hard Washington Redskins fan, but I have to say they did a great job and treated me like a native.


Hope you enjoyed my little travel log.  Back soon with another fishing report or how to.  Until then, catch ’em up!