Finicky Tuna Demand Subtle Presentation – Or Not

You know tuna have great vision.  Those big eyes see everything.  That makes them a tougher fish to catch and you need to put a lot of effort into fooling them into eating your hook, right?  I did a whole blog on chunking for tuna (You can read it here) and how you need to cut the chunks just so, use small hooks and bury them carefully,  to hide them, use light fluorocarbon leader that is virtually invisible, etc….  Sometimes all that preparation and attention to detail pays off.  Sometimes it does not.  And other times, especially cooperative fish just don’t seem to care.  You know, like when that guy from the big city goes with you and rigs up the old Penn Senator with fifty pound line and a dead shrimp for trout fishing and ends up reeling in a forty pound redfish while everyone else gets skunked. That was pretty much the story on our most recent trip.

Me and Logan (aka “The Wrench”) decided to take the FN Pair-A-Dice out for a shake down cruise after some maintenance work.  The plan was to head south out of Destin and high speed troll the edge in search of wahoo. We put in north of the edge and trolled high speed down the hill and then west, but we found no love.  We decided to try a little deep drop so we moved out a bit deeper for that, but lost the starboard engine before we got any good bottom.

Five hours from home on a single screw return we decided to put the wahoo spread back out and head for the pass.  Things were slow so The Wrench found a shady spot and nodded off.  When I turned around to check the rods, line was dumping off the 80 wide and by the looks of things had been for a while.  Forgot to turn the clicker on, DOH!  Kicked The Wrench a few times to wake him up and the fight was on.  Got a little video on the new GoPro.

Since we were targeting Wahoo, we were using heavy cable leader that no self respecting tuna would ever go near, but apparently that fish just did not care.

Cable or not, we had tuna in the boat!

And sashimi on the plate!

And lemon pepper seared tuna with fruit, asparagus, fish fried rice, and Destin Ale!

Easy recipe.  Just lemon pepper seasoning, sear for about two minutes per side and add a little lemon near the end. Fry the rice with an egg and some soy and scallions inn the leftover oil with the fish bits.  Yum.

Hope to be out there again soon.  Until then, catch ’em up!

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