Family Fishing Time

The last month has not seen a lot of bluewater trips, but more importantly, it has been time for fishing with family.  Our cup has runneth over with family visits and we have done a decent job of getting folks on the water.

Niece and Nephew Jennifer and Jason got on the snapper.

And the AJ too!

Nephew Will found the bull reds:

Nephew Brian was acting captain leading the next generation into battle.

Great niece and nephew Bella and Charlie taking in the sights.  The porpoise were putting on a show.

Lines in!

And Fish ON!  Good job Katie.  Pretty nice catch for inside the bell buoy.

Brian did make it offshore with me, Logan and John and was stoked to get his first AJ.

John found a stud.

I got a nice one too.

The highlight of this trip was finding a large piling, maybe twenty feet long, floating almost vertical in the water.  It would poke up about two feet and then slowly sink back down below the surface about as far.  Man, it would have made a bad day to hit that, but eagle eye Logan picked it up before it was an issue and we made a few passes.  The p-nut dolphin came out to play so I was throwing a small jig on a trout rod when a wahoo came up and pounded it.  He took about 2/3 of the braid on the reel in his initial run and then the hook pulled.  It was exciting while it lasted.

Radar on the FNP went down so I made the leap to upgrade all the electronics to Simrad.  I am in the process of doing the install now so I will post up some pics of the work and the new gear over the next couple of weeks.

Until next time, Catch ’em up!

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