Now lets eat this thing!

I forgot the recipe and the “eating it” pictures for that sword.  It was tasty.

The recipe is Sword ‘O Brian 🙂 named after Chef Brian.

Onions & garlic  (optional), dry cured sausage, hot peppers, tomatoes, bright herbs (parsley, green onions,basil, lemongrass coriander etc…) S&P.

Olives – really flavorful ones not mild ones.

Chop into bite sized prices. Pack with seasoned and oiled fish into foil or parchment packets and bake until just cooked through.  It takes a while to get the fluids inside steaming (30+ minutes at 400 degrees), but once they do it goes from raw to cooked very fast.

The finished product:

Plated with some rice and fruit. (Don’t for get the beer).

Almost gone.

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